So cool! These are the 4 Best Free Fire M249 Weapon Skins


by: Editorial Team / 03 December 2020

Free Fire is a Battle Royale Game that has many types of weapons in it. M249 is one of the sickest weapons in Free Fire.

The M249 Free Fire weapon has enough Magazines, so you can attack enemies without fear of running out of ammunition. This LMG type weapon is very strong when used to fight at long or close distances.

Well, of course Garena also presents a cool skin for this M249 weapon. So, this time will discuss the 4 best M249 skins in Free Fire. Want to know what the skin is? Come on, just take a look at the following reviews to the end!

These are the 4 Best Free Fire M249 Weapon Skins

1. M249 – Endless Oblivion

The first M249 skin is Endless Oblivion. This M249 skin is a skin that was just released by Garena Free Fire in Elite Pass Endless Oblivion. This skin has a red and white appearance with a gray cloud design on the back of the weapon. To have this skin you just buy the Elite Pass Endless Oblivion, which was just released.

2. M249 – Spikey Spine

The next best M249 skin is the Spikey Spine Skin. This weapon skin has a very cool appearance, with a bright and beautiful purple color, making this skin a must for you to use.

For the ability of this Spikey Spine M249 skin, the Damage is increased by 1 level and the Accuracy is increased by 1 level. For the drawback of this skin is the Range or shooting distance that decreases by 1 level.

3. M249 – Clownfish

The next M249 weapon skin is the M249 Clownfish. As the name implies, this M249 Skin is a skin designed to resemble a clown fish. This skin has a color pattern that is almost the same as a clown fish, namely, orange and white which makes this skin very funny but deadly.

For the performance of this skin, the Rate of Fire increases to 1 level and Reload Speed ​​increases to 1 level. Just like the M249 Spikey Spine skin, the drawback of this skin is that the Range has decreased by 1 level.

4. M249 – Strike Pink

The last M249 skin is Strike Pink. This skin has a very cute appearance with a picture of a panda on its body, as well as a pink color that makes this weapon very beautiful when you use it guys.

The performance of this skin is the Rate of Fire which has increased by 2 levels, so the firing speed of the M249 will be very fast and will be very deadly when it hits the enemy. The drawback of this skin is Reload Speed ​​which decreases by 1 level.

Well, that’s the 4 coolest M249 Skins on Free Fire according to Oh yeah, if you want to buy an M249 weapon skin like the one above, just go ahead Top Up Diamond Free Fire on yes. Don’t forget to follow too Instagram and Subscribe to UPoint eSports YouTube Channel to get more info & promos.

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