5 Hero Counter Lunox Mobile Legends, So Easy to Defeat!

Recently, Lunox has been re-entering META in Mobile Legends because of its great abilities. This Hero Mage is known for his ability to give very high Burst Damage.

Even so, this one Mage hero can still be defeated. Well, on this occasion, UPoint.id wants to tell you some of the Lunox Mobile Legends counter heroes that you can use in battle. Want to know who the heroes are? Come on, check it out in the following article.

Recommended Counter Lunox Mobile Legends

1. Lolita

Lolita is the first hero that you can use to counter Lunox Mobile Legends. As we know, Lunox is very dependent on the Chaos Assault skill. Well, Lolita of course can block the skill using her Guardian’s Bulwark skill.

That way, Chang’e’s attacks would be ineffective or even useless. Therefore, using Lolita when dealing with Lunox is the right choice.

2. Khaleed

As explained earlier, Lunox relies heavily on the Chaos Assault skill to deal Burst Damage to his opponent. Well, the Burst Damage is actually not very effective when dealing with Khaleed.

That’s because Khaleed has the ability to regenerate his HP very quickly. Of course Lunox’s attack wouldn’t have much effect on Khaleed.

3. Ling

The next hero you can use to counter Lunox is Ling. Ling is an Assassin hero who has a fairly high Mobility ability. This hero is able to sneak into the opponent’s defense using the Tempest of Blades skill to finish off his enemies, including Lunox.

But before using Tempest of Blades, first make sure Lunox has issued the Order Brilliance skill. That way it would be easier for Ling to finish off Lunox.

4. Gord

Gord is the next hero that you can use to counter Lunox very easily. As we know, Gord has a passive skill that is very annoying for his opponent.

By playing at a distance, Gord could easily limit Lunox’s movements. That of course would make Lunox unable to move freely.

5. Franco

The last hero you can use to counter Lunox Mobile Legends is Franco. Franco is a versatile Tank hero who can be an Initiator hero in the team.

Franco has the ability to attract opponents and stun the opponent. Of course, you can use that ability to counter Lunox. So before Lunox unleashed the Order Brilliance skill, Franco could easily stop him.

Well, those are some heroes that you can use to counter Lunox Mobile Legends. Which hero do you think you are interested in using for the Lunox counter?

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