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Login to Ministry of Social Affairs go id Check BLT KPM PKH IDR 3.5 million and how to register

dtks ministry of social go id

Here’s how to check the recipients of BLT KPM PKH for IDR 3.5 million at along with how to register and what are the conditions. Come on, hurry up and watch it before the time and quota runs out!

There is good news that the Ministry of Social Affairs provides social entrepreneurship assistance which will be given to recipients of social assistance for families who are beneficiaries of the Hope Family Program or what can be called KPM PKH.

As stated by Juliari P Batubara who when he was still the Minister of Social Affairs said that this assistance would be given to more specific targeted recipients, namely for graduate KPM PKH who have businesses.

“In principle, assistance for small businesses has been handled by a separate ministry.”

“Therefore, the Ministry of Social’s entrepreneurship program assistance targets a specific target. Namely, PKH Graduation KPMs who have business startups,” said Juliari, Sunday (11/15/2022), quoted from

This Ministry of Social assistance will be given to 10,000 KPM PKH Graduation who are currently having businesses but are affected by the pandemic. To help the economy of the lower class of course.

KPM PKH Graduation who have been selected will receive social assistance with business capital incentives of IDR 3.5 million per KPM. The goal is to further develop businesses that are being affected by this pandemic.

What is meant by KPM PKH Graduation is for those who are still in the category of poor and vulnerable to poverty, but graduate because some components do not meet.

How to Check Recipients of IDR 3.5 Million KPM PKH BLT Assistance

The question that many people ask, of course, is how to check the recipients of BLT assistance, right? For that it is very easy, you see below.

  1. Go to page
  2. Select the desired membership ID.
  3. Enter the membership number from the ID that has been selected, it can also be the NIK.
  4. Enter the Name, make sure it matches the ID that has been selected.
  5. Enter the existing code.
  6. Select Search.
  7. Later it will appear whether the entered ID is registered or not.
  8. Done.

If you are registered, this assistance will be sent directly to each beneficiary’s account through the Himbara Member’s bank. For those who do not have an account, it will be sent via PT Pos Indonesia.

How to Register and Requirements for BLT KPM PKH Assistance Recipients of IDR 3.5 million

  • Residents are not poor or vulnerable to poverty.
  • KPM PKH members who have graduated.
  • Own a business.

So, if you have met some of the requirements above, where can you register? Registration for the BLT KPM pKH business social assistance can be done directly through the website

Here the Ministry of Social Affairs will conduct a selection of KPM PKH that have been graduated and registered. If it passes, it will be notified through the PKH assistant.

With regard to disbursement of business funds, competent PKH facilitators will be assisted directly.