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How to Open Mic in Among Us, Play on HP Using Voice

How to Open Mic on Among Us

When discussing, do you want to use voice instead of chat? Of course you can, here’s how to open mic in Among Us. Of course, this method is rarely used, because it is not allowed by the game. But there are tips so you can still use it, let’s just look at it.

The game that is being widely discussed by both children and gentlemen is none other than Among Us. This game went viral instantly when it was widely discussed in cyberspace, especially by news websites and YouTubers.

Of course, not only because it is often given that makes it viral, but because the gameplay presented is very unique, which requires players to accuse each other so as not to be labeled as impostor.

You need to know beforehand that there are 2 different roles in the game, namely Crewmate and Impostor. Crewmates generally consist of 8 people, and impostors consist of 2 people. Each room can be played up to a maximum of 10 people.

One of the tasks of a crewmate apart from completing missions is to find intruders (Impostors) who are already integrated with the crewmates. Because when we manage to find all the impostors, the crewmate will automatically win.

There is a discussion feature when we find a corpse, we just need to press the Emergency button, and during this discussion we have to work together in order to quickly find out who is behind the murder.

Murder can only be committed by impostors, and in this discussion we can tell which ones are impostors if we see them. But it’s only a chat feature, and we can only chat via text.

How to open mic in Among Us? So take it easy, friend, because we can also talk while in the game. Here’s how:

How to Open Mic on Among Us

  • First Download Discord
  • Install and run on your cellphone
  • Create an account and register by email
  • Next, select Create my own
  • love photo
  • Name the server
  • Copy link

If you have completed all the steps above, at the final stage you will be given a link that you can share with your friends to be invited to play Among Us together or also known as Mabar.

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The next step if you have shared the link and there are friends who join, then now choose Voice Channels > General > Connect to Voice and allow Discord permissions to access the phone’s Mic.

If it is active, now enter the game and follow the tips that we will provide.

For those who do not understand, please see the tutorial in the form of a video below:

Please watch the video above, it contains a guide from how to register a discord to the stage of entering the game.

Tips for Using Discord on Among Us

Among Us does prohibit players from using voice on discord while playing because it is considered a fraudulent act and can easily find out who the impostor in the room is.

If the player persists, the game master may get banned for anyone who violates these rules.

However, we can still use discord and open mic on Among Us on condition that they are only used during discussions.

So there’s a button Mute and Unmute on discord which means mute and mute.

When we are playing please Mute, and when someone presses the emergency button or is discussing, please press Unmute.

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So that you can open the mic on Among us while discussing it, when it’s finished, please mute it again. Easy isn’t it?