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How to Create a Room in Among Us (Mabar) with Friends

how to make a room in among us

It turns out that it’s really easy to create a room in Among Us so you can hang out with friends. We can set many impostors ourselves, language to the name of the room that we want.

An online game can be said to be fun if it can be played with friends. There is a special excitement in it that makes the game fun to play.

And most online games, both mobile and PC based, now have a play together feature. Let’s just look at the game that is currently hits, namely Among Us.

This game suddenly went viral and immediately rose to #1 on the Play Store in just a few days, what an extraordinary achievement.

The impact is that many users try the game, starting from those who want to create video gaming content and articles all discussing it.

I’ve only played it myself for a few days, and it’s really fun where we can hone our trust in someone to be able to find the real intruder.

Even though I’m still stiff and don’t understand all the rules, I was greatly helped by the tutorials for playing Among us that are widely circulated on the internet.

And it turns out that there are many things that we can explore in this game, one of which is how to create a room to play with friends for up to 10 people where we can set the number of impostors in it ourselves.

How to Create a Room in Among Us

In order to be able to play with our friends, we have to create a special room, here’s how to create a room in Among Us:

How to Create a Room in Among Us
  1. Open the game.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Then tap Host (Create Game).
  4. Arrange the room as you wish.
  5. Click Confirm.
How to Create a Room in Among Us

Here you can set the map to be used, the number of impostors in one room, the language or chat used and the total number of players consisting of impostors and crewmates.

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Setting Room to be Public or Private

We can also set the room that we created to be private or public by pressing the button below as follows.

Setting Room to be Public or Private

If we set it to Private, only players who we give the code to can enter the room. This code can be seen next to the private button.

If we set it to Public, then this room is open, which means anyone can enter or join us.

As a room maker, you can also ban players (before entering the game) that you don’t want. So for example, we want to just play with friends, but it turns out that there are other players who enter because our room is public, so we can kick them out.

How to Change Room Name

The name of the room here follows the name of the maker, so for example your character’s name is, the room that you will create will also be named

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Just like player names, in this room we can’t set names using characters such as question marks, exclamation marks, stars, fences and the like.

Tips for Mabar with Friends

If you want to create a room to share with friends (maximum 10), then just set the room to private and share the code for entry to your friends via WA.

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Meanwhile, to enter the room, ask your friends to select the PRIVATE option and enter the code that was given earlier. Wait until all members have collected 10 people, and the game will start automatically.