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How to Change Name in Among Us Unlimited Anytime

How to Change Name in Among Us

How do you change your name in Among Us? Changing the nickname of this up-and-coming game is very easy, it can even be done without limits and at any time.

Of course, we all know how to play the game among us, which is being talked about a lot, even now, the game is at the top of the play store, beating Mobile Legends and Free Fire, which have dominated it for a long time.

This game is actually very fun, especially when played with friends (mabar) as many as 10 people, it will definitely be even more exciting.

There are two roles, namely crewmate and impostor. Crewmates are tasked with completing existing missions (tasks), while impostors are tasked with preventing crewmates from completing missions.

The impostor uses all kinds of methods, such as sabotage, slander, and the worst thing is to kill a crewmate. Asiknya be impostor we can be free to do anything.

The winner of this game is determined when the crewmate successfully completes all tasks or the impostor succeeds in killing the crewmate.

Among Us does not make it difficult for players to change their character’s nickname or name, in fact we can change it as we like and it doesn’t matter even though it’s the same as other players.

Even so, at first I was confused about where to change my name in Among Us. It’s also gone to settings, and I finally found the option to change it.

How to Change Name in Among Us

How to Change Name in Among Us

Here’s how to change your name in Among Us:

  1. Enter the game.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Tap the name at the top.
  4. Change as you wish.
  5. Press done.

Players can only replace names with alphabets and are not allowed to use punctuation marks or characters such as ? @ # $ % & ^ * and the like.

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Names can be changed at any time and are not limited, it doesn’t even matter and can still be the same as the names of other players.

Because Among Us doesn’t have too many menus, I think this tutorial can be done by anyone easily.

Tips to be a Crewmate

To win the game, crewmates must complete all the missions in the task. A mission is completed when everything is green.

Focus on doing missions and don’t have too many discussions which will make this game no longer interesting to play. Because I myself still find many people in their room who press the emergency button too often even though nothing happens.

Nothing has happened yet, there have been mutual slander and random votes without clear evidence, as a result, if the wrong statement is made, it can be fatal, resulting in crewmate being expelled.

So if you want to win when you play a crewmate, please focus on the mission and do it together (together).

Tips to be an Impostor

Impostor just focus on sabotaging and killing players who are alone, make sure you’re not seen by crewmates so you don’t get caught.

There are many advantages that Impostor can do, such as being able to use a vent to enter every room, sabotage by turning off the electricity, activating the reactor and much more.

Even from the greatness of the impostor, for those who have become ghosts (discovered) he can still help his fellow impostors to carry out sabotage.

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That’s how to change the name in Among Us on Android, iOS and PC, it’s also the same because the menus have the same layout. So hopefully useful and happy playing!