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How to Become an Impostor Among Us, Duties and Strengths

How to Become an Impostor Among Us

Many are looking for a way to become an impostor in Among Us because it is considered more fun to play the bad guy. But before that, do you know what the duties and missions of an impostor here are?

This game has suddenly gone viral lately and has been widely reviewed by bloggers and youtubers. Actually, among us itself has been around for a long time, both for Android, iOS and computers.

For those of you who have read our article a few days ago entitled how to play the game among us, of course you already know what the gameplay of this game is like.

There are two roles, namely as Crewmate (good people) and Impostor (bad guys) in this game. Both of them have different missions.

Crewmates are tasked with carrying out missions or tasks that are usually at the top left of the screen, and trying to complete them quickly. Meanwhile, Impostor has a mission to kill Crewmate and make it a mess.

Many people want to be impostor every time they play because they are considered more fun and can slander Crewmates. In addition, many advantages that can be done by the impostor.

How to Become an Impostor on Among Us

The role of an impostor and crewmate is actually done randomly by the game, and the server chooses the impostor according to the predetermined room rules, generally 1, 2 to 3 in each room.

How to Become an Impostor Among Us

But if you still want to know how to become an impostor, you can do this:

  1. Enter the game Among Us.
  2. Select Public.
  3. On the Impostors menu, select 3.
  4. Enter the room.
  5. And start playing.

Notes: This method is not a sure way to become an impostor every time you play the game among us. It’s just that it gives a greater chance of becoming an impostor because we have a greater chance of becoming an impostor by choosing number 3, we can compare this percentage with the choices of numbers 1 and 2.

Importer’s Task

How to Become an Impostor on Among Us

The duties of the impostor that must be carried out are as follows:

Killing Crewmates When Alone

In a room consisting of 1, 2 or 3 impostor the main task is to prevent the crewmate from completing the assigned task. Here the impostor can kill the crewmate with a note when the crewmate himself.

Why do you have to do it when you’re lonely or when you’re alone? Because if caught with another crewmate, then you will automatically be reported and eventually kicked out of the game (will become a spectator).

Doing Sabotage

This is one of the advantages of the impostor where he can sabotage a starship such as turning off the lights, locking the doors of all rooms, turning off the ship’s resources, activating the reactor, removing oxygen and others.

Impostor Advantages

Impostor Advantages

When compared to crewmate, impostor has many advantages as below:

1. Even though the impostor can’t do missions or tasks, you can do fake missions by looking at the mission bar (!) on the map. Go to the mission location on the map, for example the green bar has increased, you can leave that location.

So here you are as if on a mission to believe in your crewmate, that way the crewmates will not think that you are an impostor.

2. An impostor can report dead bodies. You can report if you find a corpse even though you killed it yourself, this activity is called Self Report.

Here you can act like someone who found the body, and during the discussion, try not to think that you are an impostor, now this is where you have to defend yourself.

3. Cannot press the emergency meeting button when sabotaged by the impostor. For example, someone starts to get suspicious and presses the emergency meeting button, then you as an impostor can sabotage so that your crewmate can’t do it.

4. Can do double kill. For example, in the game there are only 4 people consisting of 2 impostors and 2 crewmates, so you can kill them all at once. If they have all been slaughtered, there are only 2 impostors left, so this is where you are declared the winner.

5. Impostor can sabotage and fix it. Another advantage of being an impostor is that he can sabotage and fix the problem.

This is of course very decisive, for example, it is used to divide crewmates so that they find the source of the problem so that they are no longer together, that’s when you can target each of them one by one.

6. When impostors are caught, they will become ghosts and can still help to sabotage other impostors. Very nice right?

7. Double kill fellow importers. This means that when you are with your impostor friend and you are in the same place as your crewmate, you can kill both of them at the same time.

Then how? While not being able to talk in the game?

You can do some moves that have been agreed in advance with your impoverished friend, for example when moving right and left, then that means you want to execute. Even though it’s difficult, you can do this trick when you’re hanging out with friends.

Those are some of the duties and advantages of the impostor? It’s quite interesting, of course, if we read all the discussion above, it’s not strange that many are looking for ways to become impostors in Among Us with all the advantages that we have explained above.