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Among Us Games Blocked? This is the real fact

Among Us Game Blocked

Unpleasant news circulated and mentioned that the game among us was blocked by the Communications and Information Technology. Is it true or just a hoax? Let’s talk about the news and where it came from.

We both know that Among Us is a game that is on the rise, this can be proven by its position which is still at the top of the Play Store.

Even though it’s only been viral recently, the game has actually been released for Android, iOS and Computers for a long time.

This game has a gameplay where there are two roles, namely Crewmate and Impostor. Both have their own tasks and missions, and this is what makes them interesting to play.

Crewmate is tasked with carrying out the mission (task) that has been given, while the task of the impostor is to sabotage so that the crewmate cannot complete the mission.

Why is that? Because when the crewmates have completed their mission, the crewmate team wins. Meanwhile, if the impostor team succeeds in stopping it, then the impostor wins.

There is an emergency button where when a crewmate presses the button, a group discussion will automatically be held in the room which usually consists of 10 people.

This is the most exciting part, because even though we are impostors, we can still commit slander by saying that other members are impostors.

It is because of this slanderous system that many people make news as if the system is not a good thing to do. And suddenly viral news about Among us was blocked by the government.

The News Is Circulating in the Facebook Group

The news initially circulated in a Facebook group with several screenshots saying that the Communications and Information Technology would block the Among Us game in Indonesia.

Among Us Game Blocked

Written by an account called Azzam Gaming with the caption “Why should it be among us, free fire should be blocked, hopefully it won’t be blocked”. You can see the post here.

It immediately got a lot of attention from the group, and most of their responses believed in screenshots that didn’t include the actual link.

Even in the SS, there are headlines with “many reports about Among Us, KPAI: Children are prone to lying”. There is also “Upset because of being slandered in the game among us, a roommate in a boarding house was murdered”. In fact, if we search for the title of the news, we will not find anything.

(Hoax) Among Us Blocked by Kominfo

Hoax Game Among Us Blocked

The news about the game among us being blocked by kominfo is a HOAX. Our team has conducted a search on the issue, and no source was found as shown in the screenshots that have been shared.

So, Among Us players don’t need to worry, because you can still play this game. Even if it is blocked, of course the game is no longer in the play store, right?

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But of course, it is possible in the future whether Among us will be blocked or not, because we know that when a game goes viral, there will usually be different opinions from everyone.


As netizes and gamers, of course, we have to be careful in responding to news, don’t believe it immediately unless there is a link from a reliable source, such as from national news sites in Indonesia.

If it’s only an image or screenshot that is included, don’t believe it right away, because it can still be manipulated with the help of the current application.

Moreover, the photos we got above are not clear and the quality is very poor. Whether it’s just for fun or what we don’t know, but it’s not good to spread hoax news like this.