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7 Games Similar to Among Us, Auto Slander Keeps the Boss!

Similar Games Among Us

There are several games that are similar to Among Us and both can destroy friendships because they slander each other. But it’s fun, the proof is that the game made by InnerSloth is able to steal the attention of many people around the world.

If you follow from the beginning, maybe you will find a lot of discussion about Among Us on this blog. Because this game is viral, and many people play it.

For those of you who don’t know, we’ll just talk a little bit about this game. Among Us is an online game that can be played by 10 people with two different roles in each match.

There are crewmates and impostors, both of whom have their own tasks in order to win the game.

And it turns out that there are many games that are similar to Among Us and we don’t know yet, therefore here we will provide recommendations for free.

7 Similar Games Among Us

1. Project Winter

Project Winter

The first game that was similar to Among Us was Project Winter, where there were two roles as well. It’s just that in this game the title is different from Among Us.

If Among Us are crewmates and impostors, in this winter project they are called survivors and killers.

In this game we will also be given several tasks that must be done if you want to win the game.

There are 8 people each time we play, and two of them are assassins in disguise with the other members.

What distinguishes it from the Among us game is that this game has a voice chat feature, so if you are a killer, don’t get caught when you kill by survival.

Because with voice chat, survival will immediately tell the others that you are the killer!

2. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online

Many say that the Among Us game is actually inspired by this Werewolf Online game. Because the game was known to the public earlier, it is not uncommon for news to mention that the game was the originator of the slanderous slander game that is popular today.

The gameplay itself is also different in number, you can play up to 15 people and share roles. There is a duty to be a resident, warewolf and others.

Don’t ever try to trust someone in this game, because you don’t know which is the real friend and enemy.

3. Deceit


For those of you who like the horror genre, this Deceit game is perfect to try. This co-op game release is nuanced in dark alleys and outdated buildings that characterize this game.

In this game we will be guided by the game master to be able to escape from the place safely. What makes it unique is that there are several people who are infected with a deadly virus, so we can’t interact carelessly with them.

In order to survive, you have to discuss with the others who might have been infected with the virus, of course slander will be launched during the discussion and accuse each other.

4. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen

If you look closely, Unfortunate Spacemen is a 3-dimensional version of Among Us, because the gameplay is almost the same and you’re also inside a space ship.

Players have to complete the many tasks given and also keep the ship functioning normally. There are many games in the game that you won’t find in Among Us, they’re really fun.

5. Spy Party

Spy Party

If with 10 players in Among Us is less challenging, you can try to play this Spy Party. Spy Party can be played by up to tens of people at once with a quite unique simulation gameplay.

Players can interact with people in the game. And we can eliminate other players secretly and don’t get caught.

You need to know that this game is not free, you have to buy it on Steam for Rp. 119,000.

6. Town of Salem

Town of Salem

The next game that is similar to Among Us is Town of Salem, this game is already famous on the game browser platform. Town of Salem uses warewolf characters or serial killers as the main players as well as enemies for the villagers.

What makes it unique is that there are several roles that we can use, such as the oracle to predict to villagers with various strengths.

7. Triple Agent

Triple Agent

For those of you who are looking for a game to heat up your friends and create an exciting atmosphere that makes friendships not good, then you are obliged to try out this game called Triple Agent.

The game can be played by up to 5 people, each player certainly has their own war, namely Service Agents and Virus Agents. And the most exciting thing is the task of the virus agent to instigate service agents so that they accuse each other.

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Which of the games similar to Among Us above made you interested in trying it? It’s just a shame because not all of the games above can be played on Android.