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Salatiga Viral 35 Seconds, this is the Video Link 30.35 on Tiktok

Viral videos are very widespread on the internet, whether they are spread through social media or certain forums. Tiktok is a short video social media that always shows the curiosity of its users.

well one that is viral right now is a 30.35 second video on tiktok. So what does 30.35 mean? what caused it to go viral and what does that have to do with saltiga? well in this post we will explain to all of you about the viral video.

Salatiga 30.35 Viral on Tiktok

On November 26, 2022, this afternoon, Tiktok users were shocked by a video entitled 30.35 seconds with the caption in every video uploaded by tiktok users “Urip Kuwi Ease, Sing Abot, Salatiga News this afternoon.” The caption made many people confused and they found out what was the reason. and the reason why people upload videos like that.

Salatiga Viral 35 Seconds
Salatiga Viral 35 Seconds

Discussion About Salatiga Viral 35 Seconds

Now for those of you who are confused, this time we will discuss what is viral on tiktok, which is about 30 and 35 second videos, so in this video there are two teenagers who do something indecent and the incident was in a shop or stall.

Quoted from the Salatiga News Loka there is someone who uploaded a video of a person committing indecent acts in a coffee shop which incidentally is a public place and this video was successfully recorded by someone who was around him so that he has two videos with a duration of 30 seconds and 25 seconds more actions this indecent.

The video was made by two students who are still in school in a coffee shop during the day, the worst thing is that they are still wearing school uniforms and even people are being bullied and then in the video, write a comment on one of the accounts on tiktok and

Video Link 30.35 Salatiga Viral 35 Seconds

from the news circulating today, many netizens are confused about the link for them to download and watch. but our suggestion is that you don’t have to look for the video because it is an obscene video and is not worth watching or copying. especially this is a disgrace from someone who at this time must feel pressured by the viral video.


Well, for those of you who are looking for a 30 second 35 second viral Salatiga video link, it’s better not to have to join in. it’s better to just know the content of the news why it has gone viral until now.