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How to Activate High Frame Rate (60 FPS) ML

If in standard mode ML only runs at 30 FPS, then in High Frame Rate Mode players can play ML at 60 FPS. This mode will appear if your cellphone specifications are quite capable. Because using this mode you need a cellphone with high specifications.

Even though your cellphone doesn’t currently support using High Frame Mode but you really want to try it. Well, on this occasion Gamedaim will share how to activate the high frame rame ml mode.


How to Activate High Frame Rate ML

Time required: 2 minutes.

The first way is to activate the HFR mode through the settings in Mobile Legends. Here are the steps;

  1. Open Mobile Legends

    First, open the Mobile Legends game and log in to your accountMobile Legends

  2. Settings

    Look for Mobile Legends settings then tapSettings

  3. High Frame Rate Mode

    Look for HFR and if it’s available, you just have to activate itHrf Mode Mode

  4. Done

    Play ML 60 FPS to your heart’s contentMage Mobile Legends

ML High Frame Rate Scripts

But if in your ML settings the HFR mode has not appeared, you can follow the steps below to bring it up.

1. Download the script

You first download the script via the HFR Script link.

Download Script
Download Script | Gamedaim

2. Extract File

Extract and copy the file CPUforAnd.unity3d

Extract| Gamedaim

3. Paste

After you copy the file, then paste it in the folder:
Android > data > > files > dragon2017 > assets > document > android

Paste Script
Paste Script| Gamedaim

4. Open Mobile Legend

If you have done all these steps, reopen your Mobile Legends game

Mobile Legends 1
Mobile Legends | Gamedaim

6. Settings
activate HFR Mode and enjoy ML 60 FPS to your heart’s content

Hrf Mode Mode
HFR Mode| Gamedaim

If the HFR mode doesn’t appear either, you should try to download another script file because there are 3 versions of the script file, so there’s a good chance that there is a corrupted script file

That’s all the tutorial for playing High Frame Rate ML. Well, if you don’t want to miss information about the game world, don’t forget to update the information by visiting Gamedaim or installing the application.