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Update Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) from March to December 2021

This is complete information about all Fragment Shop updates Mobile Legends (ML) from March to December 2021! There anything?

Previously, the update that we will discuss this time focuses on rare fragment updates Mobile Legend because the rare fragment shop is the main goal of the players MLBB.

Because in this update, players can get free starlight skins just by exchanging these rare fragments. Even better, every month the prizes in the rare fragment shop will be updated differently.


Mobile Legends

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Ling Mobile Legends
So you have the opportunity to collect various starlight skins that are on
Mobile Legend! Okay, let’s just update the Fragment Shop in 2021 from March to December:

[March 2021] Dyrroth – Ruins Scavenger

[April 2021] Valir – Dictator

[May 2021] Masha – Combat Maiden

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[June 2021] Ling – Street Punk

[July 2021] Lesley – Lethal Lady

[August 2021] Granger – Biosoldier

[September 2021] X Borg – Graffiti Fashion

[October 2021] Hayabusa – Biological Weapon

[November 2021] Wanwan – Teen Pop

[December 2021] Esmeralda – Cleopatra

But then again This is just a leak, it could be that Moonton changes the fragment shop update schedule above depending on them.

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It could be that suddenly there are bugs or problems that require the above updates to be postponed or not according to the previous release schedule plan.

But it’s okay for spinners with the update schedule above, so you can know which skin you are after when you arrive so that you can collect the rare fragment shop on time.

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