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Leaked List of All New Skins & Heroes of Mobile Legends (ML) Coming January 2021

This is a leaked list of all the new Mobile Legends (ML) skins and heroes that will be coming January 2021.

Soon we will enter the new year and also the new month, where later in the new month there will be new Mobile Legends (ML) skins which are certainly very cool.

Starting from his presence again Harith Evos Legends skin, emergence Vale’s new skin, skin M2 Clint, Paquito’s new hero And many others.

All will attend, most likely in January 2021 with notes Moonton doesn’t change the release date of all these new skins and heroes.

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For your own list, you can see the list that SPIN Esports provides below:

  • January 1 – Benedetta “Street Blow” Starlight
  • January 5 – Valir “Demonlord” Epic Showcase
  • January 8 – Vale “Kannagi” Elite Skin
  • January 12 – Clint “Hell Inspector” M2 Skin
  • January 15 – Paquito New Hero
  • January 20 – Aurora “Aquarius” Zodiac Encore
  • January 23 – Ling “Cosmo Guard” Special Skin
  • January 25 – Harith “EVOS Legends” Epic Encore
  • January 26 – Hilda “Bass Craze” Special Skin
  • January 30 – Battle Night Free Skin Event
  • February 1- Lapu Lapu “Special Force” Starlight
  • February 5 – Wanwan “Pixel Blast” Epic Showcase

Or if you don’t want to be complicated, you can immediately screenshot or save the photos below!

New Skin Hero ML January 2021
photo via ig dafrixkun

Keep in mind Even though this is just a leak, the truth is that 80% can be guaranteed because new skins or new heroes beforehand also go through a leaks process first and the release date is in accordance with the leak.

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