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How to get 500 Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) for free with Indonesian-made applications

Here’s how to get 500 Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) for free with an application made in Indonesia!

For those of you who want to get free Mobile Legends diamonds which are of course legal and very safe because they don’t include cheats or the like, SPIN Esports will give you the method!

free diamond ml mobile legends

The method itself is very easy where you only have to complete missions for days and then after that you will get a prize and the prize can be exchanged for a GoPay balance.

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Which means that from the gopay balance you can buy whatever diamonds in Mobile Legends you want, from 500 diamonds to more than 1000 diamonds.

Then how do you complete it? Watch this article until it runs out!

Download the MPL application

The first way is that you have to download an application called MPL aka Mobile Premier League which you can find on the Google Playstore or the app store.

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After that in the application, connect your GoPay number first and then carry out the missions.

The missions in this application are very easy, you only need to play the game in the application to get some kind of coin where these coins can be exchanged for gopay balance.

free diamond ml mobile legends

Keep in mind that don’t download MPL Apk Mod because mod applications like that are very dangerous for your personal data.

Play honestly and complete existing missions to get free ML diamonds without paying anything.

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