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How to Get 1000 Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends (ML) Every Week!

How to Get 1000 Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends (ML) Every Week!

photo via yt eidura channel

This is how to get 1000 free diamonds for Mobile Legends (ML) every week from the VideoBuddy application!

Currently there is a new event related to Mobile Legends, precisely on the VideoBuddy application.

Where in this application anyone can get lots of free prizes including 1000 free Mobile Legends diamonds, Free UC and so on.

Uniquely, this event will be announced the winner every weekend, which means that your chance to win is very big.

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Diamond free mobile legends ml

Then how do you take part in the event that only exists in the VideoBuddy application?

  • Download the VideoBuddy application:
  • Login or create your account
  • Go to my account settings section, then select the tab “Iphone 11 and Diamonds”
  • After that, just choose what prize you want to win, 1000 free diamonds, UC or others.
  • Complete missions first
  • It’s finished just waiting for the winner every week

Easy, right spinners? Even though you could say the chance of winning is minimal, what’s wrong with participating in this event.

For those who are interested in buying, click the image above directly!

Diamond free mobile legends ml

Who knows, for fun, the prizes and diamonds that you get may also be safe or legal because the system is like a giveaway.

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