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How to View Mobile Legends (ML) ID, Server and Server Time

For those of you who don’t know! Here’s how to view ID, Server and Server Time on Mobile Legends (ML).

You must know how important ID and Server are Mobile Legends as well as the server time. Trivial things are basic things that players must know Mobile Legends.

Then where is the actual location of the id, server and server time in the game Mobile Legends? This is the location and a little explanation from SPIN Esports.


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Location ID And MLBB Server

id mobile legends server time

For the location of ID and Server Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB), it is very easy to find, namely in the profile section of your ML account.

To be more precise, you just have to click on the part of your Mobile Legends account, then the ID and ML Server will be written.

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These two trivial things are very important for you to know and memorize to top up diamonds, take part in a giveaway, invite friends, claim the latest redeem code and so on.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

MLBB Server Time Location

id mobile legends server time

Then for the location of the Mobile Legends server time itself is also very easy to find, it’s just that there are still many players who are not aware of this.

The location is in the settings section of the upper right corner of the main MLBB view, if you have entered the MLBB settings then take a look at the top right corner.

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There it is clear when the Mobile Legends server is the benchmark for updates, the arrival of new heroes, and so on.


So how do spinners understand this trivial thing? Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other recent updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.