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How to Buy Anti Jawhead Items in Mobile Legends!

How to Buy Anti Jawhead Items in Mobile Legends! In playing Mobile Legends, items are needed to increase the damage of a hero, reduce the damage of a hero, increase the attack speed of a hero and many others.

Moonton deliberately added items to the Mobile Legends game to add excitement to playing this game. But did you know that of the many items there is an item that can only appear and be purchased under certain circumstances.

The item is called Odd Potion whose function is made to avoid our hero from skill 2 Jawhead. As we know, Jawhead’s 2nd skill is a skill where he can throw any object around him wherever he is aiming.

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His teammates are also among the objects he can throw with this skill 2. So to overcome this, Moonton made a special item that players commonly referred to as an Anti Jawhead item called Odd Potion.

You don’t need to worry that your gold will decrease because you buy this item because this Odd Potion is valued for free by Moonton and only appears when your teammate uses the Jawhead hero. Regarding this, you can buy this item on the list of magic items at a price of “0”.

But one thing you need to remember is that the enemy cannot buy this item at all even though the opponent uses the Jawhead hero while playing. This item only applies to those of you who have Jawhead on your team. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow our Facebook!