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5 Hero Counter Fanny Mobile Legends (ML). Make him stay still!

For Mobile Legends (ML) players who have met Fanny. There are usually two possibilities that occur. Fanny is not good at using skill 2 so he is nicknamed land Fanny, they are usually new Fanny players who still can’t control their cables properly and quickly.

But we have also met Fanny who is really savage. They are very difficult to kill, then can roaming and slaughter our team quickly. So what SPIN Esports wants to give tips is to fight against Fanny pros like this!

Don’t be afraid anymore if you even meet a reliable Fanny. Because these 5 heroes are the main counter of Fanny’s heroes in Mobile Legends (ML):

1. Khufra

khufra epic showcase

Khufra’s Skill 2 Bouncing Ball will prevent any hero who tries to get past Khufra’s body, including dash skills! Those who try to get past the body of the khufra will bounce upwards and be hit by a heavy slowdown. Only flicker and some anti CC skills like Yu Zhong’s dragon can pass Khufra’s 2 skills easily.

Fanny, whose main movement uses a cable from her 2nd skill, will immediately stop when blocked by Khufra’s skill 2. If like this Fanny will not be able to run again and you can quickly finish him off before the duration of skill 2 Khufra runs out.

2. Moskov

ML Hero is wasteful of Mana

Skill 1 Moskov will push the enemy with a spear when hit. If there is a wall behind the opponent’s hero who is hit by the Moskov spear, they will be stunned. Fanny who usually flies towards the wall will be easy to pinch by the 1 Moskov skill and you can finish off Fanny when she is stunned.

3. Aurora

aurora hero counter fanny mlbb
Source: UHDWallpaper

Skill 2 Aurora will freeze the opponent instantly when it reaches full stak. So when fighting Fanny you can use Aurora to curse secretly and appear using Flicker to surprise Fanny, then you can follow up with ulti and skill 1.

Even worse, you can combo with Johnson who can easily hit Fanny using 2 turbo skills while in driving mode. When it’s hit and stunned, just follow up with Aurora’s freezing skills.

4. Kaja

Hero ML counter Hayabusa

Ultimate Kaja Divine Judgment will attract enemies instantly. Kaja’s burst damage is also very painful with the flicker + ultimate combo + skill 2 + basic attack (passive). You are guaranteed that Fanny will be able to pick up every time he tries to get into the back line of your team.

5. Akai

Akai Hero Counter Tigreal

Akai has a deadly combo that makes Fanny unable to move. When Fanny is near the wall, immediately use skill 2, skill 1, petrify (battle spell), and ultimate. Make sure you squeeze the opposing team’s Fanny with the ultimate so that Fanny really can’t move for a few seconds. The rest is left by your team to slaughter!

For those of you who still don’t understand how to use the Akai combo. You can watch the video guide from Yanshen Lim below this:

Here are 5 of the best Fanny heroes! The enemy who dares to pick Fanny will instantly die of fleas! When you have pressed Fanny with these heroes, don’t forget to steal the blue buff. Your opponent’s fanny will really suffer and you will make the game feel like 4 against 5.

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