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This is an Easy Way to Change the Name Card in Mobile Legends (ML)!

Here’s an easy and fast way to get the latest 2020 Mobile Legends (ML) name change cards!

If the change name card is already used on your Mobile Legends account then you can’t change the nickname anymore.

Unless you buy it at a fairly expensive price at the “Shop” which costs around 299 diamonds, or the equivalent of 75k.

But don’t worry, spinners here SPIN Esports will give you 2 ways to get a name card change very easily in your ML account!

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Through the Diamond Top Up Event

change name card ml

The first method is very easy where you only have to top up any diamond for 3 days.

After that, you can buy a change name card up to 3 times for just 50 diamonds.

Through Tournament Events

change name card ml

The second way is through tournament events> guess> exchange prizes.

This second method is quite difficult because you have to guess the match results of an official Mobile Legends tournament from Moonton that doesn’t exist every day.

But you need to remember that this second method is a free or diamond-free way if you want to change the nickname or name of your Mobile Legends account.

Buy it through the shop

change name card ml

The last method is special for those of you who don’t want to be complicated, namely by buying it directly at the shop, which is located in the Prep> Special section.

Those are some easy ways to get a name change card in the Latest Mobile Legends 2020.

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